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BENT CAP—A reinforced concrete beam or block, extending across and encasing the heads of columns, comprising the top of a bent for the bridge span above.BILL OF LADING—A list that gives each part or mark number, quantity, length of material, total weight, or other description of each piece of material that is shipped to a jobsite.Bar numbers are rolled onto the bar for easy identification.BAR OFF—Unloading reinforcing bars from a truck bed by levering individual bundles over the side with pinch bars.Smaller (wire) mesh cutters are used to cut welded wire reinforcement or bundle wires.BOND—Holding or gripping force between reinforcing steel and concrete.

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ARCHITECT—A person or firm who prepares the architectural drawings that determine the design and form of buildings.Example: The columns and cap supporting the spans of a bridge is called a bent.BENT BAR—A reinforcing bar bent to a prescribed shape such as a truss bar, straight bar with end hook, stirrup, or column tie.Maximum weight of bundles is dependent on regional practices and site conditions. BUNDLED BARS—A group of not more than four parallel reinforcing bars in contact with each other, usually tied together.BURNING REINFORCEMENT—Cutting reinforcing bars with an oxy-acetylene torch.

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